Top & bottom grinding

New developments at Diametal - wheels for top & bottom grinding very hard materials allow a significant increase in the removal rate with less force.

The constant further development of quality and productivity in the wide range of grinding applications has resulted in new product lines for metal-, ceramic- and resin-bonded grinding wheels.
Motivated by these successes, DIAMETAL has also pushed forward development in the area of top & bottom grinding as well.
For this purpose, the development team has a specially created test facility at its disposal.

This makes it possible to identify the positive factors influencing the grinding tools and to define the tool best suited to the requirements.

With its system and a specially adapted arrangement of the cooling slots, DIAMETAL has achieved a number of successes in the double-sided machining of various materials.

DIAMETAL is therefore able to offer a suitable solution for your demanding applications as well, or to develop one in a short period of time.



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